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Drinkable tap water may be considered inadequate quality to some people as it may contain various harmful chemicals such as heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides. Unfiltered water could be an issue, as a great way to fuel our metabolism is by drinking water, and in the long run, tap water could impact our metabolism. The quality of drinking water is not discussed often in conversation however, the impact is very much present. One option used to solve the problem is bottled water however, water in plastic bottles isn't environmentally friendly and is best avoided. We believe the best way to consume water is to filter it at home or in the workplace, which can be done using various methods. Here at Devon Pump & Plumbing Services, we offer solutions based on your circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hard water?

Hard water occurs when calcium and magnesium dissolve in water; calcium is generally responsible for most of the hard water problems that arise and need to be treated. It is triggered when calcium is absorbed by water as it moves in streams and through the earth to its source. Severe hard water can make water unpleasant to consume and can be unsafe for people and pets. Hard water is also the reason for some types of scale build-up and water spotting and can cause issues with detergents and soaps. Hard water problems are easily treated with water conditioners and water softeners.

The term soft water is used to describe the mechanical procedure that water undergoes to exchange the hard minerals or water that has never been in contact with calcium or magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are removed from the water by a procedure that exchanges them with sodium chloride (common salt).

What is soft water?

How does thermal imaging equipment help with repairing my filtration system?

Which water treatment technology is the best?

Here at Devon Pump & Plumbing Services, we use a thermal imaging video camera that will show heat patterns with colour comparisons that reveal the pipelines under the flooring. This leads to quicker and tidier resolutions for our customers. We can pinpoint issues swiftly and with ease.

In some situations, several technologies are needed to offer the most effective solutions as each one is utilised to resolve a particular type of water issue. There is no “best” technology.

What are water boosters?

Water boosters are used to increase water flow and pressure. Low water flow or low pressure can occur when multiple taps are in use at the same time.


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